Welcome To Kiddo Bank

What is Kiddo Bank?

Kiddo Bank is a financial education service provided by Kiddo Financial Education Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It helps school age children to gain financial knowledge through hands-on activities at home, and in school.

What services do Kiddo Bank provide?

Kiddo Bank provides youth an allowance management tool. A child sets up a virtual bank account to manage allowance. He or she receives points when showing good behaviors, or under agreed conditions with parents. The child manages points in the same way as parents do with money - saving, investment, borrowing, and planning. He or she then redeems points for goods, such as latest basketball shoes, ball gowns, or tickets to a concert. 

Kiddo Bank provides parents discussion groups, tools, and consultation. Parents exchange their experience of teaching kids money. Parents learns tools, such as evaluation of money attitude, and an allowance contract.

Kiddo Bank also provides personal finance classes. It teaches financial concepts, such as interest rates and tax. Kiddo Bank uses class activities extensively. For example, students learn to make decisions using a game of black jack. Students compare returns from a game of betting on saving accounts, and stock accounts, of which return is controlled by a dice. The class is currently offered as an after-school class.

Kiddo Bank welcome you

Kiddo Bank believes that every kid should know money before receiving first paycheck. If you are interested in Kiddo Bank's allowance management tool, or a class, please contact chuck.chang@kiddobank.org